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Cofounders Mark Hess and James Forman combined their unique skills to launch Bedrock Steel, a custom steel fabrication and erection company. Bedrock’s solid reputation comes from the strong foundation they established.

James Forman: As his name suggests, James Forman must have been born to be a lead foreman. It’s not just knowledge and skill. James understands steel structural design so well, he can plan and execute the most complex drawings with the ease that many people would love to have when changing a tire! Fifteen years in the steel industry have deepened and broadened James’ skills. Amongst his colorful work history is a stint for the U.S. Marine Corps, welding and preparing vessels for underwater missions.

Mark Hess: Mark Hess, coming with ten years of extensive experience in high-end commercial general contracting, is the person you’d choose to quickly rebuild a city ravaged by an earthquake. He’d make it happen, somehow. He always does. With gifted hands and an aptitude for measurements and denominations, Mark’s passion for high-end construction has delighted his clients time and again.

Synergy in Structure

Together, Mark and James provide the exceptional service contractors and developers crave. They will:

  • Show architects the new possibilities of steel
  • Advise structural engineers on ways to minimize fabrication costs and material selection
  • Work with the construction team to erect the steel structure while staying true to the designers’ vision
  • Keep an eye on the timetable and meet deadlines religiously

Rock-Hard Values

At the heart of Bedrock Steel lies our core values; be dependable, be supportive, be a pleasure to work with. Get engaged in the project, all the way. Price fairly. Deliver on time.

While our traditional work ethic is as firm as bedrock, our company’s vision reaches out into the future of construction, and we take full advantage of all that current technology has to offer.


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